Standard Warranty

All of Don Scharf Automotive parts come with a standard 30 day parts only warranty. We will replace or refund any defective part with in 30 days of the invoice purchase date. We do not cover any labor, or other costs under this warranty.

Drivetrain / Mechanical

It is your responsibility to inspect and replace seals and gaskets on mechanical parts. We do not cover oil leaks on transmission front and rear main seals, or pan gaskets. You are required to replace all filters on automatic transmissions before installation. Oil lines and transmission coolers need to be completely flushed and checked for proper flow BEFORE installing the used transmission. It is sometimes required that you must take your vehicle to the dealer to reflash the vehicle with the used transmission installed. We do not cover costs associated with reprogramming or changing electrical items on the used transmission for proper functionality in your vehicle.


Engines are understood to be a long block assembly. We do NOT guarantee or warranty any accessory items that are left with the engine, including but not limited to sensors, fuel system items, injectors, fuel rail, wiring, mass air flow sensor, water pump, thermostat, egr related items, exhaust manifolds, including broken studs.

Rear Axle Assembly

Rear ends are warrantied to have good internal gears, housing, and axle shafts. No brake parts are warrantied. It is your responsibility to change or install new brake shoes and pads, calipers, lines, backing plates, and sensors. We do not cover any items that are left on the rear axle as a convenience to you. You are required to pull back cover, replace or inspect gasket and fill unit with proper lube and to the proper level before installation. We do not cover oil leaks to axle assemblies.

Please NOTE:

All customers MUST contact us before any warranty work is done. Please call your salesman regarding any other questions that you may have regarding the warrant